Wearing Armor

 It’s easy for us to go to that place of doubt, or that place of fear when dealing with the unknown or with our emotions. It can be especially difficult when we’re not surrounded by people that are like-minded, or who don’t support our ideas. As we get older and come into our own it is easy not to calm who we are completely because we fear we won’t fit in.

 We live in a society that for some reason doesn’t celebrate love, kindness, or vulnerability. Instead, people seem to condone and celebrate in some cases what some call “keeping it real” - a hard exterior, rudeness, and lack of consideration.

I try to see the best in everyone because I believe that there is good inside of everyone. I am always myself because I am not ashamed of anything about me. I am honored by my vulnerability, my inquisitiveness, and thoughtfulness. I display them fearlessly because I know that I will always be okay, and anything that might be seen as negative is really a wonderful life lesson for me to learn from. I don’t believe that there is anything that I have experienced that should dictate that I need to live guarded and fearful.

I say all this to say, that if you go into any relationship fearful and guarded, never showing your true self, then how could you possibly expect anyone to show their true self to you? How can you expect the other person to know who you are, and how you really want and need to be treated if they only ever see the armor that you wear?

Most people desire relationships filled with love and kindness, but the first step to a having a relationship filled with all that you want is to show up as all that you are. If you show up as all that you are, and someone doesn’t like who you are, then you need to figure out if that is a relationship that you need to hold on to. 

I have a saying; “You can get new clothes if your closet is full.” If you get rid of some of those old people in your life, the ones that need or want you to be different to make them happy, you will find that you have the room for the new people who will love and respect you for all that you are.

Are you wearing your armor?

Love and blessings in divine order,