You Can't Force Love

I often hear people expressing that the one they love doesn’t love or has fallen out of love with them. It makes me sad because love is such a beautiful experience to share, but what makes me sadder is that these people don’t realize how what they are experiencing might just be a blessing in disguise.  The relationship they might have been in or desire to have might not be the best relationship for them at this point in their life. What they may not realize is that they might be hanging onto something that may not be meant for them,  and could be stopping them from having the love and relationship that they desire and deserve.  

We can never control or force someone else’s emotions, and we shouldn’t want to. Just because we think we know what is best for someone doesn’t mean that we do.  We each have our own path to walk, and lessons to learn in life. As we each walk our path and learn our lessons we will want and need different people in our life at different times. Many times people are drawn to the surface, but upon a closer look into a person of interest you might see all the qualities that you don’t want or don’t need in your life. 

When you know and love who you are, you can see passed the superficial and know what will or will not work for you. If you know your wants and needs, you will be able to see the reason why a relationship has disintegrated,  and you will know that it is probably the best thing for both of you. If a relationship isn’t working you can’t keep trying to force someone to be in the relationship the way that you want them to be.

People come into our lives for a reason and a season, and sometimes once you have acquired the lesson the season ends. Love you, know you, and know that there is always going to be someone who wants to know and love you too. 

Are you stopping yourself from finding or allowing true love to find you? 

Love and blessings in divine order,