Can You Stand The Rain?

I think that it’s the lows that allow us to see not only who we are, but who the people are in our life. Unfortunately, with those lows can sometime come separation, and a lot of pain.

In every life there is a moment when our strength and character, and that of those around us is tested. We see our life in an uncomfortable place. We are faced with something that we can’t run away from, but other people can. That journey to pick yourself up can be the loneliest journey you will ever take.  The people in your life who you look to, to help you pull yourself up and get back on your feet seem to be nowhere to be found. They are not scarce because they don’t care about you, but because they may not be emotionally equipped to handle the lows. The unfortunate thing for people that can’t be there for you when you need them is that they don’t realize that one day without fail they too will be in a similar place, and will want that same help and care that they were not willing or did not know how to give. 

I recently experienced a low in may life. It was a place I never expected to be, but one I have no doubt I needed to experience. The help I needed may not have come from where I would have hoped or expected, but it came just as it should from exactly who it should. Of course, there were reactions that might have disappointed me, but I chose not to be angry, and to understand that people can only handle what they can handle. I accept people for who they are, and I won’t allow someone else’s fears to make me fearful and unloving. From that low I received a gift I couldn’t have imagined–I was able to see just how strong I was.   

It’s obvious during the low times that once you are back riding high you will never forget the hurt caused by those that disappointed you, but time heals all wounds. You have to remember that people can only give you what they are capable giving. Never allow fear and disappointment to harden you. Find forgiveness and understanding, because we have not all been taught how to love and give the same way. It doesn’t matter what other people do or don’t do for you, you will always have the strength and the help you need to come up out of the valley and experience the highs again.

Can You Stand The Rain?

Love and blessings in divine order, 


Song of the day: “Can You Stand The Rain” – New Edition

From the book “It’s All In How You Look at It (thought and questions about love and relationships)”