We go into relationships for many different reasons, but the core reason is necessity. We have a necessity and a desire for companionship. The deeper necessity for the relationship could be physical, financial, or it could just simply be for the companionship. Whatever the reason, two human beings have invited one another to share their journey and to full-fill each others needs. So, if your relationships make you feel happy, safe, and they are fulfilling a need that may you have, then why wouldn’t you be grateful for them?

The thing that many people forget is that no one has to share their life with you, not your parents, your siblings, and not your friends. Every relationship we have is a blessing, and we should never forget that. This is not to say that any relationship is perfect. No, I would say quite the opposite. Relationships can be messy and complicated, but they are in most cases a choice that we have made.

You have to remember that no relationship an obligation to be in. It is an honor for someone to choose you to share their life journey with, and it is a privilege for you to be able to walk that journey with them and vice-versa.That is how we should look at our relationships – as a privilege. No one in a relationship ever owes the other anything. This is often something that many of us forget.

Gratitude is not something that many are not taught to have for our relationships, but it is one of the most important acts you can demonstrate towards the people you care about. When you demonstrate love and appreciation, you will always bring more to be grateful for from the people in your life. 

Do you have gratitude for the people in your life?

Love and blessings in divine order, 


Song of the day: “Gratitude” - Paul McCarthy