Feelings Will Be Hurt

I always find it funny how we don't want to say something to someone because we don't want to hurt their feelings–especially in relationships or the possibility of a relationship. Sometimes the truth can hurt, but it really is in how you say what is true, and in how the truth is received. 

It's like when I hear someone say "I didn’t know how to tell him or her that I wasn't interested, so I just didn't call” or "I didn’t say something because I didn't want to be mean" or worse “I am avoiding him or her because I don’t want to do whatever.” It would have been much kinder to have just been honest with that person in the first place, then to use the lie of avoidance. Like avoidance is going to hurt their feeling less. At the end of the day, yes, the other person got the message by our action or lack there of, but it doesn’t hurt their feelings any less. 

I think that avoidance can actually be more hurtful. Because, the other person involved doesn’t know what exactly has happened. Let’s be honest, when we avoid saying something or doing something we think that we are making it easier on the other person, but really what we are doing is just trying to make things easier for ourselves. The truth is, we’re not making anything easier. 

When we avoid any situation lies usually get thrown in the mix. In turn we make things more complicated then they need to be. When we’re upfront and honest we avoid confusion. At least being upfront and honest there is a chance to move forward peacefully–whatever forward may be without muddied watered. 

It's not always easy to tell the truth, and yes, sometimes feeling get hurt. The thing is whether you are honest up front or you choose avoidance feeling will be hurt, but at least in telling the truth feeling won't be hurt as bad. 

Love and blessings in divine order, 


Song of the day: "If Your Heart Isn't In It"  - Atlantic Star