The Rebound and the Bandage

It’s funny when a love affair is over how we don’t take care of ourselves like we should. We find ourselves lonesome, in need of attention, and sometimes we end up in situations that we very quickly realize we would have been better off without. We end up on the rebound.

The thing about the rebound that we have to remember is that it’s one of the most unfair things we can do to ourselves and another person. We are bringing someone a wounded and incomplete person with baggage that hasn’t been dealt with. We are in most cases still missing, and far too often still think about the person we just separated from. We are bringing them exactly what we don’t want someone to bring to us–a person who is not emotionally available to be in a relationship.

When the heart is wounded, just like any other part of the body it needs time to heal, and mend. That is not something that happens over night. A broken heart, just like a scrap on the knee, feels and looks better with each day. Until one day we wake up, and it doesn’t hurt as bad. The wound has healed, but you are still left with your memories that can sometimes be painful.

There are many things you can use to help the healing along, like spending time with family, good friends, or taking in some culture. You can finish a project or projects that you have been putting off. You can maybe even get a second job. There is nothing like keeping busy to make the time pass. Because, just like any other wound the bandage is good for a while, but then you need to take the bandage off to let the wound get some air.

There is no telling how long a wound will take to heal, but the fairest thing you can do for yourself, and the next person you want to be in a relationship with is to heal, so that we can give them your best.

Do you heal or rebound?

Love and blessings in divine order,