You Get What You Ask For

Each of us can say that at one point or another we have prayed to God and asked for something. It could have been for a spouse, a job, a house, or a car. Changes came in your life that you didn’t understand, and didn’t resemble what you expected. You looked at your life and thought to yourself, but “I prayed to God.”  The question is, do you really know what you asked fo

Many times in our efforts to change our lives in what we hope will be a positive way we make our list, we say our prayers, and we wait. Soon things begin to happen, and they don’t look like what we think they should look like, or even the way we wanted them to look. In turn we become frustrated and sometimes begin to lose faith. What we never take into consideration is “How we asked for what we said we wanted, and what exactly we ask for?”

What you didn’t realize is that you showed up with your list, and your rules and regulation of how you felt things should be. It isn’t that your prayers weren’t heard. It’s in how you asked, and you expectations of how you feel things should be. If you really look at your situation closely you probably got exactly what you asked for.

Sometimes we want what we want so badly, that we don’t realize that we are not always positive in our asking. The mistake we make is that we start in the negative. The negative is not so much in our list of what we want, but in the constant talking about what we don’t want, instead of focusing on what we want or need.

No matter what it is that you desire, your focus should always be on what you desire. You should not focus on, or constantly talk about the things that you don’t want in your life. In the asking, first and foremost you should always ask for what is best for you, and that it comes at the right time, in the right way. Things may not always come the way that you expect them to, but they always come the exact way they are supposed to.

How are you asking for what you want?

Love and blessings in divine order,

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