Falling Out of Love

Falling out of love can be seen many ways. Love is very complicated and scary. Many times we block the true blessings that come from the experience of being in love, because we have such high and sometimes-unrealistic expectations of what we think a relationship should be like. 

I don't think that if you really love someone that you ever stop loving them. What we sometimes forget is that everyday we are changing and growing. In a perfect world sometimes we are fortunate enough to grow with the person we in a relationship with, but unfortunately sometimes we grow apart from them. 

In life there is no such thing as failure. All that is required is that you put forward your best possible effort, and whatever the outcome of your situation you have to believe in the long run it will be for your greater good. It’s never pleasant when a relationship becomes uncomfortable or difficult, and you feel as though you no longer want to be in the relationship. But, that feeling of discomfort can come with growing and changing.   

First and foremost if you really and truly are in love with someone all you can and should ever want if for their happiness, even if their happiness is not with you. You can’t make someone want to be with you and you shouldn’t want to. You should want to be where you are celebrated and not tolerated. Because, loving someone means that you unconditionally want their happiness. All you can do is embrace what was, be grateful for the experience, and move forward in your life. That is not to say that you shouldn’t make an effort to make things right in your relationship, but once you know that you have made the effort, and things are still not working, then it’s time to be honest with yourself and your partner. So, that you each can move forward to finding the true happiness that you both deserve.

There is no doubt that if you love someone the lost of your relationship is going to hurt, and it’s important to acknowledge the lost.  You have to look at your situation honestly and acknowledge your contribution–good and bad. Sometimes when you look at things honestly it’s possible see that you have grown apart, and that not being together might be the best thing for both of you. 

The reality is that you cannot find happiness for yourself hanging onto what was. Sometimes the ending of a relationship is a positive thing, because it is preparing you for the amazing relationship that awaits you. 

Are you in the relationship that you want to be in and if not why not?

Love and blessings in divine order, 



Song of the day:“Too Much, Too Little Too Late”- Johnny Mathis, Deniece Williams