A New Chapter , A New Book

As we enter into new relationships it’s important to remember that we are not only starting a new chapter in our lives, but a new book.  We must open the book and write the story new. Although the story maybe familiar in some ways it is one that has not yet been told. It is our opportunity to write the story that we have been waiting to tell. 

We each have previous chapters with previous relationships, and stories that we know all too well. We have to remember that this new person is a new course to study, and there are many new lessons to learn.  We wouldn’t use Math in your History class, so why shouldn’t we take the time to study the new person we’re in a relationship with, and not treat them or think that they will treat us like previous chapters, and books in their life. 

Like any course there are many lesson to be learned, and taught to and by us. This takes time, patience, understanding, and forgiveness.  But, most important it takes remembering that this relationship is a new chapter in our lives, but more so that this new relationship it’s self is a new book. 

Are you appreciating the new???

Love and blessings in divine order, 


From the book “It’s All In How You Look at It (thought and questions about life) 

Song of the day: “We Can Be New” - Amel Larrieux

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