Love Is Love

So many times I hear people saying they don’t love someone anymore, but the reality is that love lives forever, it’s only the relationship that has ended. 

I think that it’s unfair to require a definition on our feelings toward our past relationships just because we are no longer with them.  Friends and family alike and even sometimes the new relationship want to hear us say that we not only don’t love our former lover but we hate them.  And, I have to ask why? 

Why is it necessary to reduce a relationship to nothing, as though the relationship never made you happy or never meant anything to you nor can it ever again mean anything to you? 

Nothing is meant to last forever, and for that reason it’s important to remember that our relationships are part of our journey and growth. Yes, sometime relationships hurt, and sometimes there is much invested like a home and children, but if there hadn’t been some joy you wouldn’t have been there. People change, grow and sometimes grow apart. Just because you no longer want to be with someone or they no longer want to be with you it’s no reason to harbor resentment. You appreciate what you got out of the relationship and move on. 

I always like to believe that I got whatever I was supposed to get from the relationship/experience and that the Universe has made way for a new relationship/experience. I take what I’ve learned to hopefully do better and be better in the future. Yes, things have happened to me that have hurt my feelings, but those things don’t change the love I have they just help me to better understand who I’m dealing with, and the things I do and don’t want in my life 

Yes, there is a difference between loving someone, and being in love with someone, but at the end of the day if you love, then you love. And, really loving someone means wanting the best for them and their happiness even if that means them not being with you.

Love and blessings in divine order, 


Song of The day : “ I Will Always Love You” - Whitney Houston