Make Room For Happiness

Happiness seems sometimes eluding but the truth is that sometimes we have to make room for it. In life there are always going to be up’s and down’s and sometimes the down’s seem lingering, but that means it is time to clean the closet of our life. 

As we go through life we often realize how much stuff we are collecting. Not just material things but people, and emotions.  Now most of us are aware of the fact that we need to let go and clean our physical closets, homes garages, but very few of us ever think about or take the time clean our emotional closet.  And, in that search for happiness we don’t realize that we can’t seem to achieve happiness because we are allowing our past experiences, hurts and sometimes people to get in the way of our present and future happiness.  Sometimes just continuing to live our lives without taking a moment to acknowledge what we have been through so that we can move forward. 

Happiness can be found in the smallest and simplest things, but when your emotional closet is full or overrun with negative things and people how can you find appreciation for those good people and things? How can you find joy, or happiness in a closet full of clutter??

We all have so much going on, but it is important to make time even if it is only five minutes a day to check in with ourselves and let go of some of those unwanted and many times negative feelings that fill our emotional closet and get in the way of our happiness. 

Happiness isn’t hiding from you it is just waiting for some room so it can come in. 

Are you making room for the happiness you seek or are you holding on to the clutter that prevents happiness from coming into your life? 

Love and blessings in divine order,