Doing Your Best

When we start our relationships we  usually let our representative start it out for us. The kind, thoughtful,  considerate, fit , clean, and well mannered individual that our mothers raised, but for some reason  isn’t with us as often as they should be. 

As time goes by, our representative leaves the building, and we show up to the party. Not quite as thoughtful, considerate, or as  fit  and clean as we started out.  Then we start to take our relationship for granted.   It starts out with little things that seem to grow over time. Then one day  we look up and  we aren’t  happy in that relationship anymore, and we don’t know what went wrong. 

Of course the first thing we do is find fault with our partner.   There is a list of complaints too long to mention, but I always find it funny how no one ever stops and says “I know what I’ve done wrong, I take responsibility and I want to fix it”.   It takes two to tangle, and we have to remember for every action, there is a reaction. If one or both parties changes within the relationship neither can assume that it won’t cause problems in the relationship. 

For any relationship to truly be successful you have to first love yourself before you can love someone else.  But, you also have to take responsibility for who you are, and what you  bring to the table. There are some couples that really aren’t meant to be together, but for the ones that are with a little work, what use to be good can be again. 

As the old saying goes “How you catch um, is how you keep um”. 

Are you doing your best???

Love and Blessings in divine order, 



Song of the day:  “Is It Still Good To Ya” – Ashford and Simpson

CD of  the day : “ Is It Still Good To Ya” -  Ashford and Simpson