Good or Bad It's On You

We can all find something in our lives that we’re not happy about, and without much effort we can easily find someone to blame for whatever uncomfortable thing that we are experiencing. But, the truth is no matter what is going on in your life good or bad you are the only person responsible. 

There are many things that we are taught, but the habit to place blame even a small child has mastered. For some reason we are never really taught to be responsible for own actions or maybe that is one of those things that we have chosen to not learn.

Taking responsibility isn’t only about fessing up when you make a mistake, but what it is about making the choices that are best for you. For example when you go to the Doctor and you decide to take medication without getting more information about your illness or the product you are taking, and you have a negative reaction. You are the only one to blame because you chose to turn your health over to someone else, or for that matter doing anything that you know is not good for you and there is a possibility of a negative outcome especially where your health is concerned you are the only person to blame. Relationships are no different. When things aren’t going right in your relationship but you choose to blame the other person rather than to acknowledge what you might have done to contribute to the tension, again you are the blame.

The thing is that our lives are just that – ours. Though the easy and the difficult, through sickness and in health, where we end up and how we get there is all in the choices that we choose to make, and what we allow others to do to us.

Are you taking responsibility for you?

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