A Gift of Love - In memory of Aunt Alma

The funny thing about life is that we take it and the people in it for granted.  The length and quality of our life is not always within our control.   We treat each moment as though it is owed to us. We waste time, and we miss opportunities, but the thing that most of us miss out on most is love.   

We are constantly running around feeling that everything is more important than actually living and enjoying our life.  The lesson I have learned in my life is that nothing is guaranteed, but most importantly what I learned is that the time that we can spend with our loved ones at any minute can be cut short. For that reason I try to make sure that the people in my life know how I feel about them by my actions and in my words not just because I want them to know, but because I don’t want to miss the opportunity and I want to have no regrets. 

Today my Aunt Alma would turned 103 years old. The lessons that I learned from her waslove. At 97 although she was a little slower she was still alert and so full of life, but most important she was so full of love.  She wants you to sit next to her, to hold her hand and kiss her (she loves kisses).  She radiated and expressed her love, a thing that most of us don’t know or have forgotten. What I would see when I looked at her was how important it was to have people around you that love and care about you, that love keeps you going, but more important that love it is worth living for. 

We all put so much ahead of our happiness and well being, but at the end of the day it is really all about the love.  Cars, houses, and things unfortunately most people don’t realize can’t really make you happy, and once acquired most people find their lives very empty.

Love regenerates and heals. It is worth sacrificing for and worth protecting. Life is to be lives to the fullest, and in your making a living it is important to make room for the LOVE.

Are you making room for love in your life???

Love and blessings in divine order, 

Song of the day: “Greatest Gift” - Tamika Scott    
CD of the day: Tyler Perry's "Daddy's Little Girls" - Music Inspired By the Film