Befriended In An Empty Room

The greatest relationship any of us will ever have is the relationship that we have with ourselves; that understanding of self, and more important the love of self.  With this understanding it’s easier to know what we need and want in our lives.  With that said although the relationship with ourselves is important we all need and want to have positive relationships with others. 

Many times we allow our fears of the unknown, painful memories from our past, and our own unrealistic expectations of how a relationships should be, to get in the way of us living the life that we claim to want.  We have beliefs on how our friends, and lovers should behave towards us as well as in their own life.  We each have to remember that no one is perfect, we all have our flaws, and although we would all wish for our lives to be fairytale's we are living a real life.

Many people go into relationships looking for the fairytale, when things don’t go as expected they become disappointed and give up before a relationship can go anywhere.  All relationships take time, communication, understanding, and forgiveness. You being in someone else's life and them being in yours requires you tolet go of your expectations and see and deal with the other person for exactly for who they are. There may be many things that aren’t as you thought that they should be, but there could be many more that are more than you expected. 

Many times people experience loneliness because they are allowing their lack of comfort with themselves and their expectations of how life should be to cloud their perception of what life really is. Your life is yours. It is your unique journey and experiences, and you can’t allow others to project their beliefs about life and relationships onto you.  The love you desire could be closer than you think, but you might have allowed silly things like the belief of others to get in your way. 

There are people that don’t need to be in your life, but sometimes you could be pushing the ones away that should be in your life because of fear, judgment, and unreasonable expectations. It’s good to know who you are and what you want and need, but you have to believe that what you want is out there for you. The thing is you can only live in the moment. So, be easy on yourself and others. Let go of your belief of how life should be, and live in the moment experiencing the perfection of the unknown.   

Are you being realistic about the expectations that you have of your relationships?

Love and blessings in divine order, 


Song of the day: “To Be Loved” – Jackie Wilson