I was watching a story on television the other day. It was a story about a man who had remarried. He apparently had an affair with his present wife while still married, and his former wife blamed the present wife for as she said "Breaking up her marriage, and destroying her life". 

I have over the years heard men and woman use that same phrase about their past relationships "Someone has destroyed their life", "Someone is living a life that should be theirs" , but the truth of the matter is that "No one can take from you what is yours".  People are not processions, and our relationships are a privilege not an obligation. We are so quick to blame others for what goes wrong in our lives.  This person did this to us, this person didn't do that, or someone took something from us. Never taking responsibility for our part in our own lives.  Maybe the relationship had run it's course, or maybe a person ran their partner off with their behavior.

I have asked friends who have cheated on their partners why?  Be they men or women they basically give the same reason. They were in a relationship they weren't happy with. For whatever reason they stayed, the children, the mortgage, they wouldn't or couldn't leave.    There was something that they found in the new person that made the happy, and they chose to go and be happiness .

In my own life I want whoever I am involved with to be happy, be it with me or not. I think it is so sad to see someone harbor such negative feelings towards another person especially someone they claim to have loved.  When they should really wish the other person well, and move onto their own happiness. If a person who was sitting around being bitter was to realize how silly they were wasting their life being unhappy, while the person that they are spewing all those negative feelings towards has moved on, happy, and I'm pretty sure not spending their time thinking about the past.

The past is just that;  the past. You can't change it, but you can work towards a better future. If revenge is something that you  are just itching to have I was always told that looking good, and doing good are the best revenge of all.

Are  you holding on to something that you need to let go of?

Love and Blessings in divine order,