The Way We Communicate

In today’ s world of cell phones, texting and e-mail, it is easy for the true meaning of our words to get lost in translation. Although most of us make more of an effort to communicate with our convenient gadgets, we still haven’t learned how to truly communicate with each other.

Because of our fears or maybe our lack of sincerity we hide behind technology to protect our hearts, or in some cases to just get some ass. But, the reality is that there is nothing like a good old fashion face to face conversation where you hope both parties are telling the truth, but even if they aren’t you have a better chance of reading the other person when looking into there eyes.

It can be hard to put yourself out there. None of us like rejection and we are all trying to protect our hearts. In Relationships especially new relationships you are always learning and growing. Each day brings new adventures as well as new challenges. So, communication of all kinds is important. As long as what you have to say comes from your heart, than you shouldn’t fear expressing your feelings and making sure that you are properly heard and understood. It is easy to hope that someone can read between the lines and understands our cryptic messages, smiley faces, and emoji’s, but there is nothing like plain direct communication to really get your point and your feelings across.

How do you communicate?

Love and blessings in divine order,



Song of the day: “Come & Talk to Me” - Jodeci

CD: Forever My Lady