The Rut

It’s easy to fall into a pattern. The challenge comes in working to break the pattern. Patterers can come in all areas ofa persons lives. Some of our patterns can be good for us and to our advantage, while others can create problems. 


In relationships it’s easy to fall into a pattern of taking our partner for granted. Sometimes because a person gets so caught up in their own going on’s they forget that they have chosen to share the experience of a relationship with another person. The funny thing is that no matter how neglectful a person can become they will expect their partner to be there waiting for that moment when they decide that they are ready to participate in the relationship. The thing that they don’t realize is that they are creating a bigger problem then there needs to be, and in many cases fixing their relationship can become easier said then done.

Each person whether they admit it or not needs some form of attention, affection, companionship and love. It is one of the reasons that we connect with other people. So, how can a relationship last if one or both parties is neglecting the other? Simple – it can’t. 


There are many reasons why a couple may not be able to be intimate, but no good reason why they cannot remain affectionate, or pay some sort of attention to each other. So, if your relationship has reached the point where you can no longer be affectionate, than maybe you have reached a point where you are somewhere you no longer need to be.

Being somewhere where you are not happy or where you don’t want to be makes no sense at all. It is only fear that holds a person back, and can make them believe that life cannot be better than where they are.

Relationships are a continuous work in process, but they can and should also bring great pleasure. If you are not in a relationship that makes you happy, lifts you up, and makes you feel good, then you might be in the wrong relationship.  If you have reached a point in your relationship where you are going through the motion, then it’s time that you start putting in the workto make things better, or hit the road to find what and who will make you happy, because a relationship without love isn’t really a relationship at all.

Are you willing to do the work?

Love and Blessings in divine order,