Facing Fear

What is it you fear??? What do you run from or avoid?

Many of us avoid speaking up for ourselves, or maybe telling someone that we have feelings for them, while there are others that avoid necessary change.

There is a saying “When you face the lion, the lion becomes a lamb”. Whenever I am faced with something that scares me that is what I say to myself over and over. Funny thing is that it’s true. The lion does become a lamb, and the situation never seems as bad as it did before I faced it.

It is easy to let fear consume you, to allow your fears to destroy your life, or to allow yourself to miss out on something wonderful because you are afraid to move forward. But, when you stop and look at any situation for what it truly is there is always a solution, and really little to be afraid of. If a challenging situation is placed before you, you must know that every challenge is necessary for growth, and you will have everything you need to handle that challenge.

If you face what you fear, the lion will become a lamb.

Are you facing your fears?

Love and blessings in divine order,
Stacye Branché
From the book “It’s All In How You Look At It (thoughts and questions about life)”